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Dinners to keep veggies and meat eaters happy?

I cook.. like for real. Not macncheeese.. but real cooking.

Just curious of what things I could make that are meat free but not boring. My mom keeps complaining about my meals because they don't have any meat in them. Frankly, I think she is rather rude for complaining about my cooking when most kids my age can not even turn on a stove.

Anyways. Um. I mostly stick to pasta. Specifically stuffed shells. So, what would you guys recommend that's meat free but not something obvious like tofu burgers. I'm tired of my cooking being overlooked in the family just because I prefer not to fry up dead animal parts in it

Maybe a casserole or stir fry? I'm very picky myself I just need something new to make that I can share with the family.

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