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I'd follow up with a culture 4-5 days after the two week period the drug is "good for".
You're right. I'll have to see if my budget can handle it!
I've got three with URI, including the head-snapping sore throat and the vomiting. Plus the kitten I talked about on another thread seems to have been abandoned because he's been living with me full-time for the past week - and he's definitely not vaccinated. He is spending the day outside to reduce his exposure.
So I'm probably taking the one sick cat that can't be pilled to the vet for some kind of intervention (not Convenia) and hoping to cadge treatment for the others without having to pay extra for the exam.
There are a couple of snufflers as well; I am ignoring them.
Bill and Percy are living outside 90% of the time. Like me, they hate crowds.

If anyone would like a sweet sweet tuxedo baby, with a bee-bop personality to match, PM me asap.
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