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Hi guys!
Thanks for replying so quickly. The main reason I was hoping to consolidate was because my place is pretty small. For a while, we had one box in one room in particular, where the new cat was being kept for about a week. I did try to introduce them slowly, and he knows now that his room is that room. The Ladies, as we call the females, are pretty comfortable with the rest of the house, as they never really went in that room, anyways.
I suppose you are right, though. I didn't know the "rule of thumb" for how many litter boxes...all of my previous cats had been able to go out, so we didn't really have that problem. It's kind of new to me.
As for how much we clean them and what kind of litter, we use pine pellets, which seem to work well...been using them for a long time. We clean the boxes...a lot less than once a day! I'll try that for sure though. I suppose if it were my litter box, I'd want it cleaned often, too!
What kind of pictures did you want to see, 14+kitties? I can see if I have some of my cats...
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