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Originally Posted by Tundra_Queen View Post
Addicted? Bad or good addiction? I do have whole salmons in our freezer here. *G*

I thought I read somewhere about not giving tuna to a cat because they can become addicted to that seriously. It might have been something Pam Bennett Johnson wrote, I'm having a senior moment here and I can't remember. *S*
could be good & bad It may make for a treat that you can use to tempt them to eat if they are off their food, used to lure them in if they've escaped outside etc. Some cats once given fish will only ever eat fish that makes it very difficult to ensure they are getting the proper nutrition as SCM's link shows. It also creates a monster in the kitchen anytime You want to have fish for dinner

Definately no on the tuna it is far more addicting than salmon & not as healthy as salmon.

My grrl is raw fed & gets salmon once a month just for something different. If I am cooking salmon for myself she is a complete pest until she gets a wee bit & until she is assured there is no more - that it's all gone
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