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Watch out for the "Watchers"

I can't really comment on the validity of Standard Process products (although I do know people who have used the Feline Enteric Support on their IBD cats with great success), but I'd like to comment on the National Council Against Health Fraud. You can't believe everything they say either. Very anti-alternative health, and have come out against pretty much every other health modality out there except for Big Pharmacy and allopathic medicine. Where the big bucks are. Highly critical of acupuncture, chiropracty, homeopathy, TCM, etc. Lost a big court case in California against a maker of homeopathic remedies. Some interesting reading (and to show that there are 2 sides to everything):

Anyway, sorry to hear about what you and your cat are going through. One of my cats had a completely blocked bile duct a few years ago and had to have emergency surgery to remove his about-to-burst gall bladder. His issue was related to Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which unfortunately was so severe that I had to euthanize him a month later. My fingers are crossed that your kitty has a better outcome. I have no idea if this would be appropriate in your situation, but maybe ask your vet about Actigall, which is a med that thins the bile fluid. Also I think a lower-fat diet is usually recommended in liver & bile related issues. An excellent product for liver support is Denamarin, a combo of Denosyl and Silymarin (milk thistle). You can get it from your vet if you're in the US, but in Canada you have to order it online.

Good luck! Let us know what happens.
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