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Originally Posted by AmericanBullMom View Post
But there is NO need for you cats to be outside... its killing wild animals?? FOR WHAT?? Do you not feed him?? That right there is a reason he needs to stay in! He is killing wildlife unnecessarily!

I hope you find your cat, but I hope you make the RIGHT decision and keep him indoors too.
I agree and though I hope that this cat finds his way home, I wonder why after two weeks there is an urgency to find him. After 1 day I think I would go nuts and would be doing everything in my power to try and find him.

There are so many cats at shelters and animal control right now. If you do not investigate and go down to these places within a day or two, the cat may be have been unnessarily PTS (usally after 5 days) due to the over crowding problem within these facilities. If he was lucky and did find his way to the shelter then maybe he was adopted by someone.

I hope that you visited these facilities every 2nd day in lost and found and adoption. If not, then you have not looked hard enough I am sorry to say.

If the cat was micro chipped (being he is an outdoor cat) then your chances of finding him are greater. Hopefully you did that....
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