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Standard Process isn't

I was just researching Standard Process and discovered they are one of, maybe "The" most notorious quack medicine company in American history - founded by a DD who used the "doctor" part to create the illusion he was a medical doctor.
After convictions of their own representatives and owner, their recent strategy is to provide products to con artists or naive resellers, who then make the false claims for them - that way the reseller gets convicted, and Standard Process walks away.

This isn't even a "new age" supplier of herbal alternatives, their history is that they make fake everything, including fake alternative medicines I would suspect. Real modern snake oil makers according to FDA and many other records. I found reports of bogus medication being sold to chiropractors into 2008.
Some of their antics over the years are comic if they weren't so horrifying - backyard experiments on animals and such.

I'd suggest extreme caution with this stuff - the ingredients on their website look credible for what few things I can say anything about, but I guess the question would be if the country you're in tests products to match their labels. Maybe modern regulations have forced them to improve, but some reports don't sound like it.

See this page, but Google them and FDA, fraud, etc - lots more info on sites of medical and veterinary associations:

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