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Cat obstructed bile duct

Joined this forum hoping someone may have had similar experience and some suggestions.

My 15 year old cat has a mass obstructing the bile duct on his liver, so toxins aren't being removed from his blood among other things. And he is jaundiced.

Although his behaviour is normal right now (he's just yellowish), the Vet thinks he may not live more than a month more. However there is an outside chance that his liver is swollen because of a bad reaction to flea spray, which caused it to swell, which moved the mass to obstruct the duct - a week ago he was fine, so it happened quite suddenly even though the mass must have been there a few months or a couple of years.

So the longshot is this: if we can keep his blood toxicity down enough for the liver to un-swell as the insecticide irritation fades, the mass may resume its old position NOT obstructing the duct. Its a question of whether we can keep his blood functional long enough to prevent other catastrophic organ failures.

So my question is - has anyone else had a similar experience, and/or does anyone have real experience with supplements or foods that would help keep his blood clear (or at least mitigate toxins)? The Vet didn't suggest anything regarding diet, which struck me as strange when I thought about it this evening, but I'll ask more tomorrow. But the Vet doesn't seem to see much hope.

And for anyone who finds themselves trying to get rid of fleas - don't buy those cheap sprays and collars - the insecticides they use are not really safe. There are oral medications which are completely safe, having been through this I'm surprised companies are allowed to sell that stuff.
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