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pet seizure

it's 4 am and my dog has had, what appears to be her 1st seizure. since there is no vet emergency this time of day, i found this site and found it reassuring that we were assisting my beloved 2 year old dog to the best we could manage until a vet might be available in the next couple of hours. The dog hopped on my bed, started to shake, fell to the floor shaking violently - foaming at the mouth - loss of urine.....I am a 1st time dog owner and both my daughter and I were frightened, trying to keep our dog safe....when the dog snapped out of the seizure...the dog was snarling and snapped at us....of course she was frightened...she sat in my room for quite a while...she started to pace and would bump her head ...she indicated the need to go outside to defecate - she paced for a good hour ...then showed signs of her personality coming back into play...we provided water during this we were concerned with dehydration...the dog appears to be okay, just wish there was a means to take her to a vet...I even called the police to see if animal control could assist !!! The police officier even reassured me that I had done the best I could, reassuring me that no vet would be available until 9 am at best...with your shared information I know that my black lab dog & I can last at least a couple of hours more...thanks
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