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Originally Posted by coco84 View Post
I have tried the SPCA, no luck so far. I guess we will have to see....
Even if he does come home, I would never force him to stay inside. He's meant to be outdoors. I think it's a bit cruel to leave cats inside.
Thanks for your help! I will try the tuna thing..

I am with love4himies. You need to give your head a shake. Why is he meant to be outside??? Please tell me. I can't wait to see what you say to me. Maybe 100 years ago, cats were meant to be outside..but we humans have domesticed the cat.

Outdoor cats live a hard life. They have so many dangers to them and also other small wildlife. Then there is were they have find food, water, shelter.

Why is it cruel for a cat to be indoors???? What is cruel is putting him outside, where he has to fight/survive in order to live.

You remind me of this time when I picked up a stray maleN cat at work. He was wearing wags. I was thinking.."oo a responsible owner, they are hard to come by". The health tech turns to me and goes "oh he is pretty much always here". I say "really". She proceeds to tell me that he is an outdoor cat. The guy thinks that is what his cat wants. Very sweet cat. Well it took the guy 2 days to come get his cat...since he has football. The whole time I am thinking "it pisses me off that as soon as he gets home, he'll just let him outdoors..then I have to remind myself that he'll learn (hopefully) that maybe the next time, I'll be phoning him to let him know that I picked up his cat off the side of the road.

Get a friggin life.

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