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Thanks for the everyone

Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
She must be so used to going to the vet,it does not bother her at all
She is far more relaxed at this homeopathic clinic that she ever was at traditional vets office, to the point of roaming around the room investigating her surroundings

Originally Posted by lm9012 View Post
I am thrilled to get this update on Duffy!! Awesome news! I am glad Duffy is doing so well!

I am currently working with a woman across the country with her CRF dog, I am still shocked at how little info is available from these vets. She, like you and I once were Growler, is terrified, shocked, confused, frustrated and lost. I hope I can help in leading her in the right direction. I also sent her a link to this post, as well as got her on the yahoo kidney boards. She is memorizing too!!

Her vet isn't thrilled about the home cooking, but at least he is willing to try it out. Luckily they caught the disease very early, and her dog didn't spend more than a week on vet rx food. She immediately put her dog on a home made recipe that I provided for her.

Thank you for keeping this thread going. CRF is sadly misunderstood and the more people out there get the facts, the better off their beloved babies will be!!
I'm glad to hear you're helping this lady & she is receptive to it . Anything I can do, let me know.

I agree more needs to change in the way vets treat CRF as well as other conditons, things can be done to improve the health of animals with compromised kidneys while they are still feeling okay instead of waiting until it's too late.
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