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And to add to the sauntering around big dogs story from above, I weighed her on the dog scale when I got there & she was fine with/ignored the large dog noses under the gate to behind the front desk.

When we came out from our appointment she was more than ready to leave, the cystocentesis didn't improve her mood (small bladder didn't help with the pee removal especially since she didn't want to release her pee for the needle ) made her a wee bit crabby.

There was an adorable little kitten (staff pet) playing with the leash of a small dog (client pet), Duffy's crated & she hissed at the little dog when it came too close then later she hissed & growled at the kitten when he came to say hi

She does not like small dogs she's great with large dogs (I've only had large dogs) and I know she doesn't like other cats, well apparently that sentiment extends to tiny kittens too
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