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Since the last post here, Duffy has gone in for Gunn IMS (intramuscular stimulation) using acupuncture needles (a technique used to release chronic muscle tone and to restore fluid movement patterns) with a wonderful physical therapist. This is to release the blocked energy surrounding her kidneys, & stomach/bowels areas. Another session for early Oct.

Sunday was a vet recheck w/the "new" vet & homeopath, everything physically & energy-wise looks good, no dehydration, kidneys were palpated & are slightly irregular as expected. We rechecked the bio chemistry not the full blood work and another urinalysis.

Both the vet & homeopath were amazed at how healthy & active she is for a 17yr old CRF kitty and that she still plays They were also impressed by her self-confidence, @ one point the dr went into the back to get something when he came back he didn't fully close the door, we were talking Duffy's roaming around on the floor checking everything out & notices the door open. She saunters out & around the corner into the behind the front desk area there were also 3 large dogs (staff pets) hanging out behind the front desk not sure if they noticed her or not (all are good with cats) & the homeopath got up & brought her back in the room, commenting on her curiosity & confidence.

So her Creatinine has dropped a tiny bit again @ 217 (last month 218), her BUN has gone up a bit :sad: @ 21.5 (last month 18.2) Calcium still in normal down a wee bit from last month, Phosphorus up a little but still well within normal. Her USG has also dropped :sad: to 1.022 (last month 1.027) when normal it should be concentrating at above 1.035.

I've upped her butternut squash from 1/4tsp twice a day to 1/2tsp twice a day to help w/the slightly dry poops.

We've added Nu Cat vitamins and Liquid DMG (immune response booster to help clear the possible vaccine related seasonal itchies and help the kidneys) supplements to her regiment of whole food additives

Another recheck w/geri panel & UA next month after the next physio appt.
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