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Hazelrunpack was having trouble posting this morning so she emailed me this:

from Hazelrunpack
This method of recording a phone call may work for you--but practice it at least once to make sure it works with your phone:

Do you have a digital recorder? Or know someone who can lend you one?

Set your phone on some sort of cradle...or stand it upright on the table. It just needs to be propped up so that if the speaker is on the back, you can still get a digital recorder near the back to record the answers. Put it somewhere that makes it possible for you to get your face close to it so the guy can hear your questions and you can hear the replies...and the recorder can catch it all. (You'll be a little cramped from bending over by the end...set it up so you can at least sit on a chair.)

When the guy calls, start the recorder and answer your phone using the speaker phone feature.

Don't stop the recorder until the guy actually hangs up...I once missed something impt because I thought the guy was winding down and turned off the recorder prematurely. pftuiiiiiiii

There are no beeps to give away the fact that the convo is being recorded.

This has always worked well for me (I use it all the time when talking to sleezy politicians or govt administrators). And as far as I know, it's legal. In WI, at least, if you're a part of the convo, you can legally record it, even if the other party doesn't know. Can't use it in court, but you can attest to the conversation in court and you can produce the tape to back up your recollections if someone challenges.

Good luck! And please pray for my phone lines! LOL
I think I'll try this, using the sound recorder program on my comp, just have to play with where to prop up the phone

Thanks for the suggestions
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