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Recording a cell phone conversation

I have a phone call coming in on Wednesday, it would be nice to be able to record both sides of the conversation without the other person knowing. It's with a company regarding the toxicology info about recall food.

What I have is: cell phone - built in voice recorder is only 1 min long, voice mail but I can't remember if/how to do it & how long I can record a conversation without the other person knowing, then I would have to get it from the vm box to the comp

I have a headset for the phone w/earpiece & microphone but once you plug it in you can't hear/talk into the actual phone it all funnels through the headset (doesn't fit in the computer's jack)

My phone has speaker phone function but I find you never hear the other person clearly or they can't hear you loud enough

My laptop has Windows Voice Recorder, and built-in microphone & speakers, I have headphones for the computer (doesn't fit in the phone's jack)

I know how to use the voice recorder to record sound coming from the computer (ie music playing on comp) and it will record sound from me talking/from the room so it will record my side of the conversation but..

how to get the other side of the convo???

any ideas without spending any money??
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