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kennel/crate water

For those of you who do want to leave water for their dog while they are in their crate/kennel, but do not want to use a bowl due to spillage, I can tell you what we use. And, it helps out at other times with our boxer that likes to drink all the time like the other dogs on the post.

We use a hamster water bottle. The kind that hangs on the cage and has a little ball on the end. They lick the end with the ball and water is released without spilling, albeit kind of slowly. But, the dogs we use it with are two small dachshunds.

We put water in a bowl for them while they are not in their kennel, but sometimes they prefer to drink from the hamster feeder. And, at night when we don't want any water out for our boxer to drink (he will drink any water he finds), this allows them to still get a drink of water if they need to. The boxer has never drank from the hamster feeder. He is so much bigger, the little amount of water that comes out per like would probably just make him mad.
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