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Pepto Bismol? Safe, if so how much?

Good morning all,

Well, Petey has had diarrhea since Saturday afternoon. It has bounced back and forth between almost like water and pudding like. He will eat when I give him food and he will drink as long as he gets fresh water (yes, my dog gets refrigerated bottled water just like the rest of us). However, he has not been following me around like he always does. He looks mopey and I can tell he doesnt feel good. I called the vet and he is out of the office all week. The person I spoke with (pretty sure she is a vet assistant) said to give him an adult dosage of Pepto Bismol and if he is not better by tomorrow she would refer me to another vet. Well, 2 tablespoons seems like a lot for him. He is a lab/boxer mix and weighs in at about 100 LBS. He is on soloxine and vetri-liquid drops. He is on Sentinel year round so I am not too worried about parasites. He gets all his vaccinations when due so I am not too worried about that. But we do live at an apartment complex where other dogs use the grass to do their business.

What do you think? Can I give it to him? If so, how much is really safe?

Also, how do you know when your dog is dehydrated? Petey has drank water, but I am concerned it hasnt been enough to counteract his diarrhea. His nose is a little on the dry side, but maybe this is just a symptom of whatever he has going on?

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