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I found a recipe online from Dr Donald Strombeck's book "Home-prepared Dog and Cat Diets, The Healthful Alternative" when I was looking for a recipe for my ESS who has kidney failure. This recipe was in the section on Chronic Renal Failure and is for dogs:

Chicken and Potato diet (low protein low phosphorus, high potassium, low sodium)

1/4 cup cooked chicken breast
3 cups potato, boiled with skin
2 tablespoons chicken fat
1 1/2 calcium carbonate tablets (600 milligrams calcium)
1/2 multiple vitamin-mineral tablet

Provides 689 kilocalories, 18.9 grams protein, 26.8 grams fat.
Supports caloric needs of a 21-22 pound dog
Provides phosphorus at 45 percent, potassium at 301 percent, sodium at 54
percent of a dog's daily needs. To feed this diet with a normal amount of
phosphorus, substitute 4 bonemeal tablets for the 1 1/2 calcium carbonate

The important thing to remember when choosing a diet for your dog is to check with your Veterinarian to make sure the diet contains all ingredients needed to keep your dog healthy.

If you are trying to find a diet for a dog with kidney disease on the Internet, please remember that dogs are NOT people so recommendations for diets for HUMANS with Kidney Disease will not give you the correct information for ANIMALS with Kidney Disease. Yes it will give you basic information about what foods should be restricted in Kidney Disease and information about the different nutrient contents of specific food but diet recommendations will be for humans, NOT animals.

Dogs do NOT require carbohydrates in their diets, BUT you do NOT want to feed your dog a diet that is high in protein if the dog has Kidney Disease. If you feed a dog a diet that is primarily meat, or meat and vegetables, with little or no starch or carbohydrates, then the diet will be very high in both protein and phosphorus. Carbohydrates need to added to the dogs diet to reduce the total amount of protein and phosphorus they get in a day. Rice, potato, and pasta are all recommended to be included in a kidney diet for dogs to reduce the amount and concentration of protein in their daily diet.

They have found over the years that Protein does NOT need to be severely restricted in the EARLY STAGES of Kidney disease. However, a diet that is primarily Meat, is high in protein, too high for a dog with Kidney Disease. Dogs do need protein to keep them healthy, but adding starch (carbohydrates) will keep them healthy while helping treat their Kidney Disease.

Vitamins should also be added for a balanced Kidney Disease diet. However the fat soluble Vitamins A and D should not be supplemented because they can build up in the dog's body when the kidneys are not working correctly and cause health problems.

The following site has up-to-date excellent infomation on Kidney Disease in Dogs:

Diet & Supplements for Dogs with Kidney Disease

I hope this helps someone looking for information on Kidney Disease in Dogs
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