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Originally Posted by sloan7742 View Post
i have a few questions about my new fiddler crab
1)when i got her she had one claw is that going to be a problem
shouldnt be!! i think they grow back!

2)she wont eat anything i give her;should i put it in a bowl or in the tank or somewhere else
what are you feeding her?

3)i have put a big rock in her tank and a floating peice of wood but she will not get out of the water
does she have any sand to get out or dig in?? what sort of set up do you have?? how large is the tank? lighting?? salinity?? what sort of salt are you using??

4)she wont let me even get close to touching her and when she sees me she runs and hides
you are a big predator!! i dont think they are very cuddly

5)if i actually get a chance to hold her are they safe to hold like will she pinch me or something

6)do i need to give her fresh water to drink
i think so. if you ahve a set up where there is enough sand to get on, there shold be a dish (shallow) of fresh water.

7)if the water is a little to cold will that hurt her
uh, i dont know. have you tried googling around to see whats acceptable?? i would think that freezing would be too cold... considering they are native here in North Carolina USA

please help me
and if u have any other info on how to care for her i would love to hear it
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