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Thanks everyone for all the good wishes I will definitely keep you all posted on what happens. The reason we are waiting for 4 weeks is to make sure she is eating well and active and to recheck her blood work to make sure it doesn't deteriorate.

She is such a great dog and only 11 1/2 yrs old that I don't want to lose her. The fact that the Lipoma is now getting in her way, if it isn't removed, I am afraid we will have to put her down in a few months. Actually it doesn't look like it has grown much in the last couple of months, but I think the reason it is getting in her way now is it is hanging down more and moving in the opposite direction to her body, especially when she is trying to run.

I have found the people in this forum so supportive and helpful that I hope my experiences with Pepper will help someone else.

BTW in case anyone wants to know about the kidney diet I am using for Pepper, I found the information online. There are many places online that have recipes for homemade kidney diets for both dogs and cats, but some are incomplete and not balanced. I was very cautious about the information I believed.

I did find a few diets by a vet Dr. Donald R. Strombeck, who has published a book "Home-prepared Dog and Cat Diets, The Healthful Alternative" and from what I've read his diets are all complete and well balanced. I used his recipes as the basis for her food though I modified the ingredients for her weight. I have only fed her recipes containing rice even though potato is the main starch in many of the recipes I saw. I also read a lot of information about Chronic Renal Failure in dogs and what ingredients need to be modified in their diet to treat the kidney failure.

I don't want to post the recipes I am using because I did modify them and what is good for Pepper may not be good for anyone else's dog or cat. However, I do hope this helps someone help their beloved pet. If anyone wants some links for the recipes and information I found please PM me.

Thanks again for all the support
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