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Exclamation problem cat...

hello everyone! i would really like some advice... well i have a cat, and my sister recently found a stray kitten which she brought home and at first we didn't think we'd keep him but we fell in love and do not want to see him go, we've named him Bobby. anywho, my cat maggie absolutely hates him.... and i don't know what to do about her.... she is constantly bothering him and attacking him and he is so scared... he can't even see her without running away. she likes to be alone in my room under the bed or under the sheets. she comes out at night only when everyone is asleep, or to chase poor bobby. i really don't know what to do about her. i assume that she is just being territorial but he's just a little baby...... she really frustrates me but this has got to stop. would someone please offer helpful advice...
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