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Well here we go again we're back discussing surgery with my vet. Pepper had gone on an eating strike after we switched her to Hill's K/D both canned and dry and was eating very little. She seemed depressed so I started adding some homemade food and she perked up but she still wasn't eating much. She lost more weight and became almost boney so I decided to make her a homemade kidney diet, alternating between beef and chicken with rice keeping the protein and phosphorus levels in her food down.

After a week of this diet which she gobbled up because she loved it so much, I took her in to my vet for a baseline weight. She is now down to 67 lbs including the Lipoma but she has gained a few pounds after eating good food for 10 days. During the examination my vet found her heart murmur is now very mild a grade 1 to 2 at the most and she is happy and active again.

When Pepper walks now the lump moves independently from her body and is starting to affect her ability to walk properly. The great thing my vet found was that she could almost put her hands around the entire Lipoma. Her hands almost met behind the lump so she has decided that if she continues to gain a bit of weight over the next few weeks and remains happy and active, she will do the surgery to remove the lipoma! She is not going to try to get it all, but she said she will debulk it and remove as much as she can.

The only issue is whether Pepper will be able to withstand the anaesthetic, but my vet believes that we will lose her in the next few months if the surgery is not done. So we are going to take the chance as long as Pepper is still eating and healthy in a few weeks. I am really happy and excited about the fact that Pepper may be able to move around without the huge lump.

I am attaching a couple of new pictures of Pepper's Lipoma. In case you are wondering she has her toy carrot in her mouth in the first picture
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