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Thanks for the extra info Kandy. Our Flyball classes/teams members for the most part have all dealt with sports injuries (which is great for knowlegdge, but unfortunate for the dogs) so they are constantly correcting things to ensure we minimize risk. Though impossible to eliminate, I am glad I am learning the "right" way to do things. The team captain had a hound cross who ruptured both ACL's in flyball, so she is very particular about technique (she has corrected many things we do) but like she said, he could hurt himself the same way just playing around. Nitro has a perfect box turn (if the lightbulb would go off that getting the ball out of the box isnt the whole point of the game and that he does have to come all the way back!!! LOL)

Beaglemum, the vet did check Nitro for ACL ruptures when I first adopted him and got the xrays from the former owner. I wish I knew why he took the funny step here and there, but i have noticed when we hike, he never does it!! (or when around other dogs, its very rare..) I got her to check his joints yesterday since it was a different vet from ours, and she found no abnormalities either, but I will keep an eye on it, better safe than sorry! I was so pround, Nitro actually dropped a weight class in his heartworm meds!! All our hard work is paying off! Yay!

Glad to hear Hazel is recovering well and continues to improve with time and hopefully she doesnt require more surgery!
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