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Brownie has a home!
In July, a group of young guys moved into a rental nearby and it happened to be right next to the place where I feed Brownie, under a staircase. They seemed to be really nice people, friendly and industrious, painting and gardening. So one day they were sitting on the porch while I was putting out the food and I asked them if they minded if Brownie ate there (no problem) and of course I told them he was homeless since last year and if they ever felt like having a resident cat, he would be a perfect candidate . A few weeks later, a bowl of dry food appeared next to mine...hmmm....and then last week Brownie turned up wearing a flea collar. He still goes on my nightly rounds with me but hasn't been as ravenous lately.

So when I saw one of the guys outside yesterday, I asked if it was him (or one of his friends) who had collared Brownie and he said yes, they now consider him theirs, although still free to come and go. At that precise moment, Brownie appeared from inside the house and I almost cried.

With all the disappearances lately :sad:, it's good to know that Brownie will have a comfortable winter instead of crouching in a cold garage all day, and people to rub his tummy when he needs it. I'm sure they will do right by him.
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