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Reeses the cat was adopted!

A cat from my shelter was just found a new home today! She had been there since March. She has had a very sad and horrible life. Her owners basically treated her as a piece of furniture. She was not fed very often, litter box was left dirtied... and she was never even given a name! She was extremely depressed at the shelter. The people moved and left her behind and the neighbor brought her to the shelter.

Today we took her to an offsite adoption event and the mail-lady was delivering the mail like lalallaa and she stopped to check out our booth.. and saw Reeses and said she was sooo pretty. Then we took out her paperwork to let her read about the kitty. She got all teary and then went home and came back and filled out the paperwork and took her home! I didn't really care for Reeses but my friend Fran really loved the cat but couldn't take her home.

So there is hope for the animals out there in shelters. This is why I feel that shelters should be no-kill. It takes some time for some of them to find the right person, but it happens and my shelter is the perfect example of doing everything right. I wish the rest of America would follow examples like this.

bad picture. She was moved into the cageless cat room though because she was so depressed. And even then... she was so empty inside. I hope her ew family can get her to come out of her shell and enjoy life.

Good luck Reeses!
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