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No reputable breeders will breed mixed breeds.

Originally Posted by parcc
can anyone suggest a good breeder / somoene who just does it for the love of dogs for mini schnoodles / (mini ?) golden phoo's????


You have to do research on breeders and ask many questions related to parents temperament, health guarantee such as OFA, CERF, SAS, and health problems, etc.. If a breeder tells you that her dogs don't have health problems, she is lying. Run away from this breeder period! A reputable breeder will inform you what kind of health problem do they see in their lines, etc. This is called homework.. It is your responisble to do homework and ask many questions. You should never depend on your friends or strangers about who is a reputable breeder, you are the one who make the decision to know if this person is a reputable breeder or not. Always ask for a proof of OFA, Cerf, or penn hips, etc...
Don't trust what a breeder tells you that she has OFA papers, etc. You have get the ofa numbers and search it up online.

I want to let you know that reputable breeders will never breed mixed breeds such as schnoodles, peekapoos, labdoodles, etc..
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