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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Are they durable enough to stand up to 8 dogs between 33 and 65 pounds? Possibly all of them at once? We're always looking for indestructible toys far, black Kongs are the best. Cuzes have been banned :sad:...too easy to get pieces off them.
In a word ..... NO! Please see attached .

007.jpg 009.jpg

I bought this for Riley on saturday afternoon. He LOVED it! But ... he had killed the squeekers within about 30 min and had destuffed the squeekers shortly after that . The toy itself actually lasted much longer than most, he played with it on Sunday and Monday and by last night there was too many big holes and pieces coming off so I took it away for good. He did enjoy it very much and it lasted much longer then most but definately would not hold up to eight dogs.

Hazel, I would recommend any of the orbeez-tuff by planet dog. They are kinda pricey but they are rated on a "chomp meter" and they are amazing. The dogs love them and they are easily as strong as kongs. Riley and Sam together are brutal on the toys but these have easily held up to anything they have done to them .
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