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September 2008 challenge - Back to school - learning or teaching

Just starting the thread now to get some ideas. An easy one is pets in the fall but as always - we are open for ideas.

many thanks1

A "back-to-school" theme? Photos can include a new trick/command, obedience school/puppy classes, playing a new game, even walking their kids to the bus stop. For kitties, perhaps something new they've taught their people ?

Anything to do with "learning something new."

I'm good with back to school or new tricks

anyone else?

thx LP!!


I like back to school, that's cute.

OHH NOOO!!!!!!! Back to school URGHHH! :sad: I have to go back to school in 4 days, thanks for reminding me guys !

I like the theme

i'm good with back to school......its too early for a fall month
"Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance." -Will Durant
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