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Hello :-)

Hey everyone, my name is Nicole and I've got 3 cats and a dog.

I just made my account and I need your help with a problem we've been having with our newest edition to the family (third cat) and the second oldest cat. I can't seem to be able to post in any other forum, and I'm not even sure where to even post this!

We've had Meeka since June 10th, and right from the start Pascale (second cat) hasn't been nice to her at all. She hissed and tried batting at her as soon as we brought her home. Soon after Pascale would start pouncing on Meeka when Meeka would investigate the house and start batting at her. We thought this behaviour would go away once Meeka grew a bit, but the situation keeps getting worse. Pascale has scared her to the point where she's pooped on the carpet, will get held down by Pascale on one of her attacks, and most recently, peed all over my mom's bay window because Pascale was right on top of her.

We thought once Meeka got older she would fend for herself once she got older (she has front claws while the other two don't) but have yet to see her fight Pascale off. It's gotten to the point where we do not know what to do, and we do not want to get rid of either cat. We're just totally lost and helpless as to how we can get Meeka to fight back!!!!

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