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Eye Infection????????

My dog (Allie) is a hound mix. In the last couple of days I noticed her right eye becoming watery. When I got up today her eye was red and she had a yellow substance running from it. I don't know very much about eye infections and I am not even sure if there is more than one kind. My vet is not very honest and keeps making me do many unnecessary tests everytime I have a problem with her. I will be taking her there soon but I was wondering if anyone else knows anything about this as if I go into my vet un-educated I will end up spending another $400 before medication. She does swim quite often in a local river at the dog park and I am wondering if it that may be the reason for this problem. It is not considered to be a really clean river but all the other dogs frequently swim in it without any problems. Is it dangerous to medicate your dog for an eye infection without being diagnosed? Is this something she could of contracted from another dog since she is in close contact with many of them everyday? My vet will really try to screw me so I am just wondering before I pursure anything.
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