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2 yr old female pug pooping on beds

Hi, I have a just 2 year old female unspayed pug. For the last few months approx 3 she has started wetting and pooping on my bed and my children's beds. She lives with me and my 2 children, and my sister, we also hae a female 4yr old chihuahua. We did look after 2 male pomeranians for about 12 months and they went back home 6 months ago. I was wondering if it was because when the 2 poms went home she was trying to become the alpha and was showing ehr dominance by wetting on our beds, but it has been going on way to long now, I have kept the doors shut but they second I have left them open (which is hard with2 preschoolers) she sneaks in an goes. I have left her outside for much longer but she then seems to hold on and goes once she gets back in. It is becoming a major problem, to the point that even though it would be devastating I would have to think about re homing if it continues, any help would be much appreciated, thanks Anne
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