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Volhart Collar

Has anyone tried the Volhart (Volhard? not sure of the spelling) collar for dogs that pull a lot? I'm trying to avoid a choker because I don't want his throat getting damaged by the metal chain...
These are the slip-type collars used by people who show dogs in the ring.
Any experiences appreciated.
Scruffy is 40 lbs of terrier, all attitude and excitement when we walk and I don't think my back can take much more. I do plan to take him to school in the fall, but I need something to help him focus NOW.
I'm not sure that a Halti type will convince him not to pull if he's on a regular leash instead. He'll figure out pretty quickly that a regular lead doesn't pull his head sideways like the Halti.
ALso does anyone know stores that sell the Volhart? I do know of websites, but can't find them in stores.
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