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I have to admit we have had cats that we spun on the floor before. As long as you are not overly rough, I don't think it causes harm in a healthy cat. Just a quick point I wanted to make though. If you ever wonder if your cat is anemic, the characteristic sign is that all of the areas that are normally pink, lose their pink color. Depending on the cat they may not have any pink areas but if they do - gums, tongue, the little vein in their claws, their ears, their belly, anyplace that is normally pink is less pink or completely white. that is from the loss of red blood cells. My cat is anemic and thank goodness, her gums are a light color and I can check them for pinkness to keep tabs on her. Her brother is solid grey everywhere so the only place to check on him is his tongue. He isn't anemic so thank goodness I don't have to do that because he doesn't care to have his mouth messed with.
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