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Glad to hear she still up and running. My dog lasted about 2 months or so. He started lossing sense of smell and would not eat because of it. We could getting him to eat soft food, but the sneezing resulted in large amounts of blood all the time. Wishbone had been through a war with the cancer and a few other health issues in his life so sadly it came to an end on July 1. He went happy in our back yard after eating 2 Macdonals hamburgers we was set free family and loved ones by his side. It hurt and still does but he is no longer in apin and trying to please us like he did his whole life. We have since gotten a puppy to help our other dog who was by Wishbones side for 4 years. She took it very hard and after a few weeks was not doing well. The best solution we could come up with was another pup for her to play with and it did the job very well. The 2 dogs are very happy and I am sure Mandy still miss Wishbone but he is happy she has a play mate again, it was hard for him to keep her happy the final month or so.

Thanks for asking
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