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Hello missy322 -

I haven't posted in awhile either. SO GLAD to read that Missy still has an appetite and in spite of it all is still loving life and her family. What happened to my dog Barfy sounds ALOT like what is happening to Missy. I wrote a post about him (#74) and the description sounds similar. The vet gave my dog about 2 weeks but defying all odds, he was still with us 5 months later. It also broke my heart to see what Barfy was going through. (At one point, I even had to help him "blow his nose" several times a day by squeezing his nostrils until some of the "goop" came out. Don't know if a vet would recommend this but it seemed to help my dog with his breathing...) ** Please keep us updated on your baby. **

PS/ Sabran, puppypwr, mrsjackblack, water101, dopey, and Libby Girl - How are you and your dogs doing?

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