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update on missy

I havent signed on in a while so I wanted to give an update. We moved and and Missy suprisingly did very well with the move, I was scared as I didnt know how she was going to handle it. She really seemed to like the new house and atmosphere so things were looking goor for a week or 2.
Her bump has gotten bigger, it has gone up in between her eyes and moved to under her left eye which was the side she would bleed from. I think she has gone blind in the one eye now, it is all red and goops up a lot. It is so sad to see. She has recently started to bleed from her right nostril now so I'm guessing it has pread into both nostrils now, again its not a lot of blood but it is there. I dont know how she is still hanging in there, but she is. I look at her at every night and it brings tears to my eyes because she looks so bad but she is still hanging in there. She has an excellent appetite, shes drinking water and she still gets excited to go for walks. Theres nothing we can do but watch and wait.
I'm wondering though, how long do they usually make it with this disease?
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