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3KittyMomma - I had mentioned the possibility of a false value or a mix up w/numbers but the machines are very accurate. I think the rise in creatinine may have been caused by a few factors together & when re dosed w/her remedy it kicked the creatinine back down easier this time since all other factors were already dropping.

With the "heat wave" we had she was draped w/a cool wet towel much to her dislike Never really go to the point that I was panicing, she was still eating a little & has never stopped drinking enough (but not too much) water and thankfully she loves to sit infront of the fan.

Her aura energy is great all kidney points are purrfect, spinal points are good too. As for physical energy & mood both are wonderful, since the first rain she perked right back up to normal.

Duffy was re dosed w/her remedy this week & I have a re-check & blood work scheduled for another month.
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