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Thumbs up Great news, growler!

Hey growler! Take a bow! All your exquisite care with Duffy is paying off big-time ! I'm so glad the second round of blood tests showed a more predictable/acceptable level of creatinine - WOW !

I think sometimes false results can occur, and this may have been the case here, as all your other results had dropped slightly from five months previously.

It's great news that sub-q fluids aren't needed for her at this time. Check her a couple of times a week for potential dehydration, and you'll know if and when the sub-q will help her out.

In case of heatwave for CRF kitties, whether they get fluids or not - this is a Vet Tech tip - these kitties, in fact all kitties, get super heated - they don't pant, like dogs do, to cool off - so if the weather is really hot, and the cats are drooping, wipe them down with a cold wet washcloth several times a day. (Mine look at me like I've lost my mind when I do it, but they feel a lot better after...)

Re: a moist heating pad - you can get Thermophore - various sizes, not cheap however, at Shoppers Drug Mart Home Health stores. I have the largest one that is very long and can go down my whole back. NICE ! I hadn't considered using it with the Furries though, as it's heavy.

It sounds like, behaviourally speaking, Duffy is one very healthy kitty - with those blood levels dropping as you work on optimizing her health. How are her energy and mood doing ?

All the best to you and your precious grrrl from our house, 3KittyMomma and Sheena, Susie and Wally
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