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We are very proud of him!! and of course you Growler! I'm sure you must be so happy right now! Isn't it awesome when you see that you are truly kicking this disease right in the throat!!

AWESOME!! I am really happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This makes all the hard work, dedication, sweat and tears all worth it! I cry each time I get Al's results and the numbers are lower, I just cry tears of joy and I squeeze him tight and he just looks at me like 'um, mom your getting my fur wet, what is wrong with you?'


sorry to hear your vet is moving on..I truly hope his colleagues are as great as he is! At least he's educating others..which is just sooo crucial with this disease. It is truly scary how misinformed so many people's truly a tragedy! But when they see stories like can give other people who are just getting news of this disease a clear path to fighting back!!!
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