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WoooooHoooooo!!! What wonderful results!

Even though your current vet is retiring, I have to believe that he'd still be available for consultations if your new vet runs into anything he/she needs advice on So it's kinda like still having him around.

Originally Posted by growler View Post
great idea to record, but how to do the whole conversation w/a cellphone? it only has a 1 min voice recorder on it which will record phone convos but only for 1 min
If you have a speaker phone function on your cellphone, all you need is a digital recorder. When the call comes, turn on the recorder first, answer the call on speaker phone and go from there. It helps if you can lay the recorder on the table (if you hold both, you get a lot of static), and if you can rig a cradle to elevate the phone slightly above the recorder (or can stand the phone up on its end) you'll get a clearer recording. Test your setup with a friend, first. (I use this to record convos with govt officials all the time...nothing like a little proof when you need it... )
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