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So I got the results of the 2 week recheck back, we just did the biochemistry part of the blood test - so not the full geri panel & we skipped the urinalysis since we know her specific gravity is good.

There was a dose of the same homeopath remedy we've been using given right after her visit 2 weeks ago. Her results:

Her BUN/urea numbers have dropped we're down to 18.2 - still high but not as high as the last test (20.9)

The Creatinine is the number that dropped much more significantly we're down to 218 (last test was 322, the one 5 months before was 223.2) so close to the high end of normal {ref range 71-203 umol/L}

Albumin same as last test just 1 point above normal - I'm not concerned about it.

Her phos number dropped again as well that was always in the middle of normal but now it's closer to the low end of normal won't have to worry about that one at all

Spoke to the vet today he was very happy to be able to give me good results & instructed me to re dose her with the remedy tonight.

Will have another recheck w/blood work in 1 month.

The sad thing for me is my wonderful homeopath vet is leaving he wants to dedicate more time to research & finding treatments/cures & to educate the general public about the world & treatments of homeopathy. I know he will do great work on his new path . I will stay with the same clinic & see the other homeopath vet there.

Royal Canin/Medi-cal of course won't give me the toxicology report the Dr I've been emailing has offered to speak over the phone with me about it though now to find the time
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