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Brownie has been living outside since at least last November when he turned up in a neighbour's garage and I started feeding him. He now spends his days in adjoining gardens or hanging around under parked cars, waiting for me to emerge with the precious bowls. He always precedes me down the sidewalk, stopping every ten feet to writhe in delight and maybe cop a tummy rub.
Two people contacted me, thinking he was theirs but alas, he wasn't.
It would be so wonderful to find him a better roof than a junk-filled garage open to the elements, before the bad weather sets in again.
Truly, he is the sweetest cat. He is not in the least aggressive, a bit timid, which is a wise thing to be in his current environment . Sometimes we sit on the stairs, in perfect communion, while I rub his ears
He is neutered and declawed in front. Maybe 2 or 3 years old. Quite a big boy. No fleas (in any case, he was treated with Revolution over the winter, just in case fleas or parasites were lurking).
He would be a purrfect and oh-so-grateful pet.
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