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not sure about ignoring

Thanks, theres not much around here really unless you are a part of the Vets that has these socializing classes, you pretty much have to fork out a pretty penny. The thing is he has been around a lot of dogs lately, we live in a co-op where theres sooo many dogs around and hes in contact with them almost every day, and my brother has a dog too.. so I just hope he doesn't keep it up forever. And yes i know they say to ignore bad behaviour, but really I find ignoring that type of behaviour isnt going to do much of any good. Because hes not getting in trouble. He knows when we arent happy with him by our tone of voice typically.. I dont really agree with ignoring behaviour. We had a min pin/ min poodle growing up and we always told him when it was wrong and hes very well trained.. ignoring to me doesnt work very well for certain things. Barking maybe but not nipping. cus if you dont acknowledge it i feel he wont even think theres anything wrong with it and keep doing it. And trust me many dogs have nipped back, my parents dog pinned him down haha. But he still gets nervy anyway.. small dog big attitude i guess haha.
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