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Emergency veterinary 24 hour hospitals in Canada and the USA

Dear members,

I would like to start 1 thread where these telephone numbers are available. We were trying to do this about 18 months ago in a thread started by Dogmelissa below. If other members know of posts on our board that include this info please post the URLs here and I'll merge posts.

Let's please not debate the issue in this thread as in the one below.
This info WILL be useful to those searching for an animal hospital. I'd like to ONLY have listings in this thread please, not debate its validity.

(Here is one for my own reference that I'll merge into this post)

When replying - please format the subject header in this exact way (or suggest a better way) Toronto - Ontario Denver - Colorado etc.

If more than 1 24 hour hospital exists per city, please PM me and I'll edit the posts. Please make sure EVERY entry is open 24 hours.

As the list grows we may split the thread in 2 (Canada - USA)

Many thanks in advance everyone ! (I don't want to thank people in the actual posts since we only want listings here)
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