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stop grasping his mouth first of all. 3-4mth old pups nip. it's normal. the more you socialize, the better. I'd look for a puppy playgroup to start. These classes teach basic manners, and let the pups learn by doing. he needs to learn bite inhibition in addition to manners, and one of the best ways to learn this is with other pups. My pup was a holy terror (on occassion) in puppy playschool... he learned REAL FAST that if he nips too hard, another pup may put him in his place. Obedience schools usually have some sort of puppy class - puppy social, puppy playschool, puppy group, etc... The one I took ran for 6 weeks, was an hour long evening class, the pups played for 1/2 the time, and we learned basic puppy care with the rest. (crate training, grooming, nail clipping, bathing, feeding, appropriate toys, redirecting play, etc...)
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