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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
We have that same problem in northern Wisconsin, too! We keep warm by pulling ticks off each other and flicking them at madame hazel. Keeps the fingers nimble in cold weather, too...

Welcome to the board, heelermom! I hope you enjoy your stay.
Hi Hazel, thanks for the "crazy" welcome. I "herd" we would get along fine.

What kind of dogs do you have? It must be wonderful to be able to have so many fur babies!
My remaining "pup" had to go back to Vancouver as the extreme cold here was just too much for him. He's living the life of riley with my parents. I lost my very special "Prince" to HSA a couple of months ago, so I'm very envious of you having 8! Sure must be a handful. Any herding guys in your "pack"? A good heeler wud sure keep them all in line!

Any suggestrions on how to get the best use of this forum/board (not too internet savvy so terminology mite be wrong).

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