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Originally Posted by heelermom View Post
Great, a "6 Pack" is usually found at the best parties!
Where do I find this person?

We're here! Which of us did you want to talk to? There's me, hazel, madame hazel and "Two Dogs Facing Off" (TDFO for short). Hazel and I are friendly, mostly, but madame hazel has her grumpy days and TDFO is definitely one to avoid...

I must state no offence was meant to anyone with my comment about warm Canadians (most of us live in below zero temps for 6 months at a time anyway).
We have that same problem in northern Wisconsin, too! We keep warm by pulling ticks off each other and flicking them at madame hazel. Keeps the fingers nimble in cold weather, too...

Welcome to the board, heelermom! I hope you enjoy your stay.
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