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Separation Anxiety

Thanks for your replies. No, doggy daycare is not an option for her. She would freak out if I left her somewhere. I boarded her once for three days and when I came home she was exhausted, had spent the time barking and pacing. She had lost weight and was in terrible shape. I won't do that again.

Luckypenny, I did get the name of Dr. Frank and intend on calling her in September when I return to work and get a regular paycheque again. Maybe I will make an appointment with Dr. Gilmour first. I bring Hunter to Animal Health but I have not as yet brought Chloe there (long story). I also bring all my fosters there for spaying/neutering.

Wouldn't you know it, today I went out twice and came home to no mess. She must have read my post.
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