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My baby boy

Thank you so much for your reply HazelrunPack. Yes, that is the name of the medicine. I've spoken to a few vets but they would still suggest the same medicine. I would like to ask if there are any other type of medicine, other that the steroid?
I was very happy at first as his appetite increased because he was such a picky eater and would only eat after he gets his walk and also with us standing beside him praising him as he eats. Now i am very worried about his weight, when i shower him he would just lean on me or sit down as his legs can't support him. Nowadays he only goes for his walks after he gets his dinner.
Could the wheezing be caused by heartworm as one of the vet told me that but she said a blood test would have to be done to be sure.
I tried posting a picture of my dog but can't seem to do it. Either the picture's size was too big or there is a problem with the loading. Will try and post it the next time.
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