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Separation Anxiety - at my wits end

Chloe who is 8 years old has started peeing and pooping in the house every time I go out. She leaves huge puddles in the middle of my dining room floor and the urine has seeped into the cracks of the wood floor and also the furniture. Needless to say it smells and looks awful. We want to fix the floors but don't dare until this issue is resolved.
A little history - A co-worker found Chloe 7 years ago and the vet estimated her to be about 10 months old. She stayed with my co-worker for a week and then she decided she couldn't keep her and offered her to me. Two weeks after I adopted her I had her spayed and ever since then she has been experiencing separation anxiety. We worked through the separation anxiety and all her other issues including aggression, hypothyroidism but the separation anxiety has returned. I have another dog to keep her company and I am not gone all day. Even if I leave for an hour I will come home to a mess. I ensure that she goes out and does what she has to do before I leave. I cannot confine her in a crate or room as she is also claustrophobic. If confined she paces continuously and sometimes poops or pees and then steps in it. Rescue Remedy doesn't have any effect on her and neither did Clomicalm.
I recently asked my vet about giving her something else and he suggested I contact a vet that specializes in behavior problems which I intend on doing but thought I would see if anyone else has experienced similar issues with a dog with SA. I should mention that she has also become destructive again and will destroy papers, get into the garbage etc.. when I am gone. All the things we worked through have returned with a vengeance. Nothing has changed in her life. In fact I am home more than ever because I work in a school and am off for the summer. Next week I return to work and know that I will be coming home to a mess everyday. Apart from the occasional skin infection (from swimming) she is healthy.
Any help would be appreciated.
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